Perguntas Frequentes

Perguntas frequentes

How do I get involved or start receiving Promotional Job Notifications?

The best way to starting working with us is to REGISTER to our PeopleTracker™ database.

Why do I need to register?

Those who are registered with Attack! are the first ones to receive the new project email notifications from Charlie at on upcoming opportunities in your area with a link to our online application for that specific opportunity. This is where our selection process begins. Don’t forget to add Charlie to your email address book to avoid our emails going into your SPAM folder and missing out on an opportunity. Additionally, we often look into our database to see if we can fulfill a client’s request. It’s one of our research tools to gain new clients and to expand the types of promos we have. Calling models, dancers, CDL drivers, make-up artists and more!!

How do I update My Profile?

If you’ve recently moved or have updated photos, you can login through the User Login box located at the top right of the browser. We typically ask our talent to update their profile at least twice per year.

What if I need my check to be re-issued?

In the event of a check reissue, a $35 stop-payment fee will be deducted from your check if:

  • A check was mailed to an incorrect address that you provided and did not update in time
  • You require a check to be re−issued to you within two weeks from the date of the original check being mailed
  • The $35 fee will be waived if:
  • A check was mailed to the wrong address due to Attack! error.
  • A check was mailed to the correct address and fails to arrive within two weeks of being sent.

How do I change my mailing address?

If you have worked with us before and have moved, please update your mailing address by logging into your personal profile through the User Login box located at the top right of this page.

What are the requirements to work with Attack!?

You must be at least 18 years old and legally allowed to work in the United States to be considered. Some projects require you to be of legal age to serve alcohol in your state, have a valid driver’s license, or pass a background check. Any special requirement will be indicated on the application form.

After we've wrapped the event, how do I confirm my hours?

You will be sent an “Hours Confirmation” email that allows you to view and confirm your recorded hours, rate, and expenses before an invoice is authorized and submitted to our client. By NOT responding to the “Hours Confirmation” email, you are confirming that your hours, and any other reimbursements recorded, are correct. You are responsible for reporting any discrepancies in your hours and expenses back to the Attack! Manager within 48 hours receiving the hours confirmation email. Any hours or payment discrepancies reported after the 48 hour period are not guaranteed to be resolved and may delay payment.

What is the payment timeline?

Attack! works around-the-clock to get all of our talented reps compensated for their hard work in a timely manner. This is typically within 30-60 days of an event’s wrap. The industry standard is 4-6 weeks. Checks are mailed by USPS to the address we have on file when you complete the Independent Contractor Paperwork.

How do I check on the status of my paycheck?

If 60 days have passed after the end of your event, please get in touch with us through our pay inquiry form. If you do not receive a response to your pay inquiry within 3 business days, please email the Account Manager that booked you on the event (refer to your You’ve Been Booked! email).

I'm registered with Attack! but I am not getting my emails.

First, we recommend you to regularly check your SPAM Folder for our email notifications. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend you to add to you email address book. Also make sure your profile is updated with your primary email address. Also please verify that you are subscribed to receive our notification by managing your subscription in the “Person Info” section of your profile. Additionally depending on where you are located, we usually have a consistent amount of events in the larger cities such as Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami to just name a few. The smaller cities and states, such as Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Montana, we still have events throughout the year, but not as frequent so you won’t get as many email notifications.

I'm already registered in Attack!’s PeopleTracker™ system. Why is it still asking for my info on each application?

To find the perfect talent for our client’s needs, we search for a specific look, lifestyle and experience level on every project. Attack! screens each potential brand ambassador. Attack! also requires your most up-to-date information for each project (photos, resumes, and contact info). We also need to know if you are interested in working a particular promotion and what your avilability is. Often times, our events are a client approval where they are looking for specific skills and experience. In this case, your application is forwarded to the client for review. We recommend you to create a document so you can copy and paste to save some time.

Am I an Independent Contractor or Employee when working with Attack!?

Anytime you work for Attack!, you are working as an independent contractor and not as an employee of Attack!. This means you have the exclusive control over the means, method and details of fulfilling your obligation. You agree to assume all responsibility for withholding any applicable federal, social security, state, and city taxes and for procuring public liability. Attack! will not be responsible for providing you any form of insurance. Attack! assumes no responsibility for any loss to person or property. Additionally, you are not prohibited from working events with other companies similar to Attack! as indicated in the Independent Contractor’s Agreement